Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eugene Kramer D.C Shares Knowledge On The Significance Of Right Posture

Eugene Kramer D.C, founder of New England Spine and Disc Center located at 1345 Westminster Street, Providence, R.I. 02909, is a renowned chiropractor who graduated with a Degree of Chiropractic from the reputed New York Chiropractic College. His patients have been able to pursue superior treatment of spinal and musculoskeletal injuries, headaches and sports injuries under his guidance. Eugene Kramer D.C shares his knowledge on the significance of a right posture. According to him, to few people a good posture simply means sitting and standing straight. But only few realize the importance of a good posture to our health and performance.

According to Eugene Kramer D.C, the human body craves alignment. When we are properly aligned, our bones, not our muscles, support our weight, reducing effort and strain. The big payoff with proper posture is that we feel healthier, have more energy, and move gracefully. A good posture is as important as exercising, eating right, sleeping well and avoiding harmful substances like drugs, tobacco and alcohol. Good posture is a way of doing things with more energy, less stress and fatigue. Without good posture, one cannot really be physically fit and can actually damage his/her spine every time they exercise.

Eugene Kramer D.C further opines that a poor posture distorts the alignment of bones, chronically tenses muscles, and contributes to stressful conditions such as loss of vital lung capacity, increased fatigue, reduced blood and oxygen to the brain, limited range of motion, stiffness of joints, pain syndromes, reduced mental alertness, and decreased productivity at work. According to him, there are ways through which bad posture and physical problems can be eliminated. The first is by eliminating as much "bad" stress from the body as possible. Bad stress includes all the factors, habits, or stressors that cause the body to deviate from its structural center. The second way according to Eugene Kramer D.C is by applying "good" stress on the body in an effort to move the posture back toward the center of balance. This is accomplished through a series of exercises, stretches, adjustments, and changes to the physical environment, all designed to help correct the posture. For more information, please browse through

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